A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


It is a story about a nameless boy living in a small tribe on an island in the endless ocean.

To get a name every child should undergo the complicated rite. The only way to become a grown-up is to expel an evil spirit (which everybody have inside their bodies since birth).

There is a dreadful creature living in the cave with a magic potion in it's clutches. Friends help the boy to hit the road to the cave because the potion can make him stronger. To get to the cave he has to overcome the obstacles.

The boy will come back to the village and undergo the rite easily. Only then he will find out that the potion was not at all magic. He became stronger because he learn not to fear the obstacles and overcame them by himself.


By developing this game I wanted to solve some problems of mine related to immaturity.

A boy will undergo the rite.
This supposed to mean that I'll grow up and solve my own problems too.

I have to say that I have never made games before. I think that this is the most complicated and interesting thing of my whole life. I hope that my personal story told through the videogame may be of interest to you.

Thank you so much.


Ostrova Koshki (Playable Trailer) ENG Itch.exe 18 MB
Ostrova Koshki Playable Trailer ENG (Mac) Itch.app.rar 20 MB


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Прикольно! На каком движке делаете игру? :)


Вот такой движок. Он очень спецэффический.

Технически это просто сохранённый файл в Adobe Flash, с набором элементов. Конструктор)

Но пришлось много чего добавлять туда самому, что бы делать игру.